Help with my DVD player please



Recently my DVD player wont play my dvd’s, Ive been trying to play Battlefield and as it comes as DVD disc it wont play =\

It used to work perfectly fine untill recently, sometimes it wont even recognise a DVD disc is in the drive, and when it does, i try to open it and it freezes the PC.

I’ve tried other DVD disc and still the same story.

It mostly screwed up around the time i used Daemon tools, but ive uninstalled that and reverted all things i could bck to normal but still no luck.

My CD/DVD drive is a : HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-4166B

Btw it plays normal CDs perfectly fine, no problems.

Sorry if this is in the incorrect forum to place this topic but im desperate to get my drive working again.

Any help is greatly appreciated



Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly, do you have problems only with burned discs?

What discs are you using?


Ty, no im having problems with all DVD type disc normal CDs work fine, but DVDs dont.

Mainly im tryin to run the game Battlefield 2142, which is a 100% legit copy, it used to work, and i have two copys of the disc in my household, both in good condition and neither of them are playing. I’ve tried other DVD’s that had movies burned on them and they dont run either.


Unfortunately, this sounds like the DVD laser circuits are gone. CD is different so many times one fails and not the other. If you are out of warranty, you could try a lens cleaner, but the good news is a replacement drive is only around $30.


You can’t get better advise than chas already given to you. Just follow those.


Have you tried with the Original?
Have you tried in SAFE MODE?


it is the original copy…

Anyway thanks for all your help and suggestions, if i get it working ill be sure to let you all kno how, incase of future reference

Thanks again,