Help with my DVD player (non pc, its for TV)

Hi guys, i hope this is the correct section :)!

Anyways, my DVD player which is a Tevion, has been mucking up in the last few days, it will play CD’s fine, but not DVD’s. It was playing them fine before a few days ago, So i opened it up and made sure the laser head was fine, and everything seemed good to me. As it can still play cd’s etc.
It used to play burned dvds, file dvds, normal dvds good, but now, it doesnt play dvds at all, and now it just doesnt, i can hear it spin, and then slow down, spin again. like its trying to read but cant, and retrying the process. After a while it says there is no disc in there.

Does anyone know what the problem could be. it only happened recently.

thanks :smiley:

Did you play with the lens?

nah i didnt, cos it reads cd’s, wouldnt the lens be fine :O?

If you haven’t lost this due to some inadvertent setting you have changed you have little in the way of options. If you take this to a tech to look at it will cost you as much as buying a new machine, and there are no user serviceable parts inside those units.

Have you tried unplugging this and leave it for about an hour to see if the defaults settings return your DVD player?

no i havent, but thnx for helping me out, :), im gonna try it!
I love my dvd player, it plays EVERYTHING, but avi files pretty much lol,

Lots of Other Enthusiasts have experienced the same problem.

Very FEW have any (real) suggestions about WHAT IS WRONG!?

By surfing and reading I have come up with the following that made the difference for ME!!??

  1. When rendering turn OFF anything unnessesary on Your PC
  2. Turn off Preview
  3. Turn OFF Your Broadband Connection
  4. Turn OFF Your Antivirus program
  5. Use the Free Burning Software ImgBurn instead og NERO
  6. Use Verbatim/Youden good Medias!
  7. Lower the burning speed til 4X mAX!!..
  8. Don’t “multitask” while rendering!.. WAIT!
  9. Keep Your CPU temperature LOW!!

Now my homeburnt DVDs will play flawlessly too even in a VERY cheap TV DVDplayer!
They always do in the PC’s DVD drive!

  1. Sometimes DVDs play with lots of stops, blackouts, skippings aso… the SAME DVD’s that normally has run without any faults!?..
    REBOOT Your DVDplayer… by turning it OFF…wait …and ON again, with the disk in the Tray… Evt. Open/close the tray before rebooting!
    …then it works!??

If You have better suggestions I will gladly take som further advice! …
This is MY experience by now!