Help with my camera



I have a Panasonic DMC ZX3 camera. On my old PC I could download photos and videos but on my recently bought laptop I can only view y photos. I have installed the panasonic CD that came with the camera and quick time to no avail, What can I do?


Do the videos actually download onto the hard drive of your laptop? Is this simply a problem in playback in other words?

Looking at the Panasonic site, it seems your camera can shoot in two different formats, AVCHD Lite and motion jpeg. Do you know which one you are using?

If this is simply a playback problem, you might try a different media player, like VLC or Media Player Classic HomeCinema.


You might need to install the correct CODEC for the format of the video files the camera uses. Kerry suggested some good programs to try because they will play about any video format.


I can see that I have lite and motion but when I connect my camera to my laptop using the pc usb mode it loads my photos but no sign of the two recent movies I made


What type of memory card are you using? If you are using one of the new SDXC cards, you may have problems as shown on this page from Panasonic:

If you are not using an SDXC card, how exactly are you trying to transfer the video files from the camera to the laptop? Are you using a cable, or are you taking the card out and using a built in card reader? Though I don’t make videos, I stopped transferring pictures from my camera via a cable long ago and just use an SD card usb adapter.


I have a kodak SDHC card 8gb. I use the connecctor into the camera and the usb to the laptop. I have tried to load onto my pc but that does not work either so maybe its the card I am using. I don’t made 'movies/vidoes often but did so when I went on holiday and its annoying not to be able to play back