Help with my bass

ok so i got a sub and stuff hooked up for my computer speakers they use to work but my dad redid my comp and now my volume works fine and my sub bearly has any bass i went to Volume controls and clicked advanced, it shows Bass and Treble but they are grey and stuck at low, can neone help ~_~

How should this be related to this subforum??

i duno i just joined either can u tell me where 2 post it to find somone who can help

What exactly did your dad re-do? Also, it might help to list your specs…operating system, motherboard/chipset, sound card, etc…

uh i wasnt here when he did it, he whipped every thing off it i got windows 2000 i dunno nething eles bout it it worked fine before but now my bass on volume control is grey every sence he did it and i checked to make sure my sound card didnt have the yellow !

It might be very helpful to know what sound card you have and what drivers you have installed for it. If you haven’t installed the correct drivers for your actual sound card, this could be why Windows does not know that there is a ‘bass’ setting that can be changed for it and why it keeps it greyed out.

Your dad could have also took out your soundcard, put another one in, or switched you to onboard sound. Many cheap soundcards and onboard audio do not support tone adjustment (i.e. - bass/treble.)

i dont think he did but ill ask him 2morrow, is there neway i could do nething right now 2 try n fix it?