Help with multisession disk




I recently did a NEW session on a disc that had a previous session by accident. I thought I did the continue session with Nero.

Any ideas if the old data can be recovered?


There is a program called ISO Buster. It will help you surely.

Will confirm the name when I go home. But, i am sure it is correct.


I got a better one just a few hours ago

CD-R Diagnostics
also CD-R Inspector does the job.

But only registered versions work…demo only shows the ‘lost multissession’ :stuck_out_tongue:

I got IsoBuster but didn’t even got to install and try it out.

Thanx dude… you bothered to answer and I appreciate that…my friends got scared with the question and looking for the # of views vs. replies (just you) on this post the same happened here.

What people do to recover some pr0n hehehehe :bigsmile:


Well, unless you burnt it using some packet-writing software like directCD the free version of iso buster will recover the data just fine. All you need to do is setup, open the cd using iso buster, it will show “session 1”, session 2", etc… just right-click on whatever you want to copy and “extract to” wherever you like…or drag-drop.

He he… if you find this too difficult… :wink:


CD-R Inspector never gave me a chance to try IsoBuster.

Just by running it, it had created all the CD sessions on a temp file so I didn’t even got tto choose a setting. :bigsmile:

So, answering your reply, YES …that’s too hard for me…well at least after trying this one :cool:

Thnx for bothering :slight_smile: