Help with MP3 Cd's



I am looking for a program to burn MP3 Cd’s in folder view. My MP3 Cd player in my car supports this, but I cannot find a program that can burn this way. Please alert me to some programs that can burn this way. Free programs are perferred but not the only things limited to. and please, No NERO.


what program do you usually use to burn data? just use that.

an mp3 cd is nothing more than mp3 files burned as data to a CD.


I know how to burn an MP3 cd. It’s just that I want to burn them in Folder view for a Car CD Player. I use iTunes and it wont burn in folder view. I just want to be able to switch between folders on my car cd player.


What is exactly this “Folder view”?

Your burning software don’t allow you to create separate folders?


I want to be able to switch between folders on my car cd player, not just songs.


then the data has to be in the folders when you burn it. just burn the folders to a disc.

I hate to say it, but even windows built in burning software will do this.

i use nero burning rom for data burns, but you said no nero recommendations (not that I’d recommend nero for anything else…I hate it but it’s convenient for data burns)

take whatever you normally use to burn DATA (not audio cds), put the mps (that are already within their folders) into the burning program and burn away.

what do you use say if you wanted to burn some pictures onto a cd for a friend or some files to transfer from one hard drive to another? just use whatever you normally use for data nad you’ll be all set

an mp3 cd is not a special format and it does not need special burning instructions like say burning an image file. the way you place the files on the disc is the way they’ll be read in your mp3 cd capable playback device.


I put the mp3 folders into the Nero burning program, but it will not keep the songs in the folders in their track order. What do I do to fix this?


Rename the songs with a number at the begining indicating their order or when you add them to the compilation, move them around again by dragging and dropping.


It wont allow me to change the order they are in.


nero should keep the songs in the folders and it will order them in alphabetical order by file name. this means if you want them in a particulr order, the file name should start with the track number.

01 - bon jovi - livin’ on a prayer
02 - bon jovi - bad medicine
03 - bon jovi - you give love a bad name

etc, etc


I try that, but it keeps putting 10 right after 1. Any help here?


Did you named file number 1 as “01” or you leaved it as “1” without the zero first?


Sorry, mistake. Got it fixed. Not I have another problem. Nero keeps showing all my music’s genre as blues. How do I fix that?


are the mp3s tagged correctly in other programs or have you never checked the genre tags before?

there are some threads about ID tagging programs if you do a search. itunes will allow batch tagging I believe.

if they’re correct in other programs and nero is just weird with them then I don’t know what to tell you.


I’m looking for a program that will automatically retagg my files with the track number before them, such as 01 - artist name - song name, 02 - artist name - song name and the such. Any programs out there that will do this automatically?


did you try the search function we have here
there are many posts on this


This is what I am looking for too. My new Sony Walkman DVD player supports folders. I just bought (and returned Nero 7) as it is full of bugs and ruined my stable XP OS.


I tried this but my Sony Walkman CD/mp3 player will not recognize the data files. It only plays them if they have been stored as music files. This is the product:

Sony Walkman CD Player


My mistake. I do not know what went wrong but it seems fine now just using the burning software that comes with XP.