Help With MOHAA

im new to this forum, i think its kool how all you guys know al this info and are great help. happy to become a member. well im a noobie.

I have got a Liteon 32x12x40 ( 32123S ) Cd Writer.

I want to know what settings i gota use to make a backup of the Medal Of Honor Allied Assault PC Game.
i searched the forums, and found some info, but it was confusing me because i didnt know if u use AWS or not. etc.

So can someone please tell me All the settings i need to enable and disable for READ and WRITE purposes of the program Clonecd version 4 ( latest version ) to make a proper backup copy of the Medal of honor game 2.51 protection, with the settings for my specific burner.

Thank dudes.

Search in the Lite-On forum. There is all the info you need. What I can tell you is that you shouldn’t enable AWS. Lite-On doesn’t need that. :slight_smile:

i didnt find the info i need.

its either im blind, or just stupid.

mayeb some one post it or link it. i honostly looked hard. foudn soem info but its confusing, abou soem parts.


With your Liteon and CCD4 simply use default “game cd” profile for read and write. AWS should be disabled for your writer but check to be sure. You might want to read and write at less than max speed and try different media if you have problems.


-aws off
-fast error skip (fes ) on
-read at 4 speed

you can change the “game profile” by right clicking on it

ok thanks for the info so far.

i found some profiles for this cloncecd4 , profile for safedisc 2.51/

I need some one to tell me if i need to SELECT read sub and data channels for sd 2.51 protection?

i got this profile… is this correct?

The only thing that is selected is.

Fast error skip < ON >

Ausdio extraction speed,
< BAD (fastest) >
read speed for data and audio 4x.
Amplify weak sector. OFF

Are these settings correct for clonecd4 with my Liteon 32123S, regarding in copying Safedisc Version 2.51 Protection?.

Thanks guys.

They are correct. But you can read at faster speed than 4x… Max works perfectly for me…

some people are able to read at speed higher then 4, but it is better to start at 4 and then experiment with the the settings that suite you best

Ok thanks alot guys for ur info,
u have helped me out alot.

Will i be on a safe side if i read at max speed. and burn at max speed.

  • im suggestign the power of the computer will help *

if it does… this is my PC SPECS: tell me if i will be able to handle sd 2.51 on 32 max speed, on a liteon 32123S.

AMD XP 1900
256 ram
40 gb hdd
Geforce 4 mx 440 3d card.
Liteon 32123S Burner.

btw Airhead what Burner Do you have and what speed do u rean and burn, since it works always perfect for you?

Let me know.
Thanks for you help so far guys

I have a Liteon LTD163D to read with and aSony CRX175A1 to write. I also have always read and write at max speed but some people don’t have as good results at max speed. So if you are having trouble lower speed and try different media.

as i said you can start at 4…perhaps you can ty it first on a cdrw and then try higher speeds