Help with mod'ed xbox

i have a mod xbox that i bought about four years ago. Since then i have bought loads of games. i want to be able to put them on xbox so that when my kids play they don’t need to scach the game disk. i have noticed that the new mod xboxs have a copy game choice. but since i got mine so long ago i do not have this option. i have heard that dvd2xbox is the program that the xbox uses but have no idea how to get it on my xbox. i tryed to connect my P.C. to my xbox with no luck. not sure what mod chip i have, but my guess is it’s four to five years old. can any one give me a walk thru of what to do every time i search on this it only comes back as how to mod not what to do after that

This is the only site that i trust for help. it has never let me down yet!

What can i do plese help! Kaumana