Help with mitsumi cr4804te drive

I’m running winXp sp1. and after two weeks from my clean install of windows my cdr-rw drive will not read anything. I upgraded from wimMe and it worked fine on it. But now the drive is recognized by winXp but it will not recognize the files on the cd. It was working fine since I installed norton programs and games using it.

Please Help!!!

did u put on anything like incd or directcd? Do u have any apps runnning that ‘lock’ the drive? boot up in safe mode and give it a test.

The only cd burning software I have is nero 6. So there isn’t a way for it to be locked. right?

cd burning software isn’t the only stuff that can lock up a drive. Things like audio cd players can also do it.
what are ur symptoms? does it show that a disc is inserted but list it as empty or does it not pick it up at all? if it doesn’t pick up at all, does it spin up and spin down a few times then stop?

Whenever I insert a cd it spins the light turns yellow then orange (meaning the player recognizes that there is a cd inserted) windows does nothing it just has “CD Drive (D:)” and when opened it does not show any media. I do not have any other programs besides nero 6.

Ok, so I went into windows under safe mode. It worked fine there so I uninstalled an app I downloaded from Intel for my motherboard. I restarted and now its back to normal. Thanks for all your help.


great to hear ur sorted now jt. quick ques, was it intel application accelerator?

Yes it was. I don’t know why I download it since it never did anything and didn’t notice the problem until around a week after I installed it. Stay away from it!!!