Help with menus please

Well, maybe

Few weeks back I was posting about my joy at discovering a dvd tool that worked… I am getting near the end of the trial period, so i would like to solve this before I commit the cash!!!

Well, it captures, creates chapters and burns to dvd fine…but I have a probelm with the menu

I have three screens of six pictures each (17 actually!). I am using the default layout - blue with a flashy cd image on it. On the first and third(ie last) screen the navigation appears to work fine. The selected chapter is grayed out, and the same occurs with the arrow. I can move between chapters with my remote control.

On the middle page there is no indication of which of the chapter icons is selcted. You can’t select the forward of backward arrow either. So navigation is impossible…

This happens on my DVD palyer and on my PC. When I use the final screen of the process which shows a remote control and what the TV will show all the chapter icons gray out as exptectd.

This sort of implies that something has gone wrong with transfering to the DVD. Is it just a “Bad burn”??? IS there something else.

Any ideas what I need to do?

Thanks in advance


I have the very same problem. I even tried to do the DVD creation on three seperate computers and I get the same thing. What happens is the DVD is created fine along with the menu. The portion that is messed up is in the navigation of the menu. I am unable to use the arrow keys to move around the menu because the “hot spots” are messed up and/or not aligned correctly. Any idea what is causing this? Except for this, what I consider minor, problem Nero Vision is working perfectly.