Help with Memorex dual format 4x



Ok, I think I may have messed up. I have a Memorex dual format DVD recorder. 4xDVD±R / 2.4x +RW 12x DVD ROM / 16X CD-R / 10x CD-RE and 32x CD-ROM

I flashed the firmware to Pioneer 106D ver 107, because there was a link at DVDrHelp suggesting that it would improve the speed.

I think this may have been a mistake and that the update was meant for a different drive?

Because my drive now is super slow!!

Can anyone help, or is it time to buy a new drive?



It is very likely that DMA was disabled during or as a result of the change in firmware. Check Device Manager to make sure that the drive is running in DMA and not PIO mode.


That was my first thought also, as I had turned off DMA. When I turned DMA back on and rebooted, it was still using PIO mode. I read your reply and thought that’s it, but how do I get it to use DMA? I removed both the primary and secondary channels (I have a seperate RAID channel) and removed the DVD drive from the Device Manager. Rebooted and XP found both primary and secondary IDE channels plus the now Pioneer 106-D drive. It automatically set the IDE channels to DMA if available and both channels are using mode 2. According to DVDinfo the firmware for the drive is 1.07 and the drive is PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-106D. The driver seems old, it’s 5.1.2535.0. I’m off to look for a newer driver.

Thanks for your help - any more ideas???


I was using CloneDVD ver 1. Switched to ver 2 and it’s back to burnging at the old speed. Next check is ripping.