Help with Memoirs of a Geisha



Has anyone tried to copy Memoirs of a Geisha? I tried using DVD Shrink and DVD Fab and niether has worked.Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


can’t vouch for any free programs, but anydvd and clonedvd works on this title with no problem.

21 day trial available at


The latest DVD Fab Decrypter might work, although I use AnyDVD myself. If you’re trying to stick to freeware, make sure you have the latest version of DVD Fab Decrypter. Otherwise you can try the PGCEdit PSL wizard for DVD Decrypter and give that a shot. Personally I’m glad I have AnyDVD on my side. :slight_smile:


Thanks reasons and samuri! I dl’d the newer version of dvd fab but now I have another problem:when I select a destination folder (the same folder I have been using all along) it tells me the folder is not a dvd folder and does not exist. What does that mean? How do I fix this? Thanks.


I’m not sure tbh. I don’t use DVD Fab Decrypter myself, but, I suspect it just doesn’t like your folder choice. :smiley: Try deleting the folder and recreating it and see if that makes any difference.


I also used anydvd and clonedvd2. Copy did go fine but in watching one of the backups the picture freezes and jumps. This is about 1:46:00 into the movie. I burned the movie to a DL disc rather than a 4.7 disc.

Any thoughts on the freezes and jumping?


I just picked up CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD and there are absolutely no problems backing up…give it a try


oppps me and my big mouth…seems to not recognize the movie just get a couple of previews no movie


:sad: help me


now it seems to be working …media was also dirty…hope that was only the problem
Clone did tell me this time check media and clean that was kind of neat :clap:



I always clean off the disc before I start a backup. I will have to check things out regarding my drive and also look at the movie file on my hard disc to see if it is bad media that I have.


I backed up mine with DVD Fab 2.9 and DVD Shrink.


Hi, Had the same initial problem attempting to burn Memoirs of a Geisha,using DVD Xcopy Platinum - I purchased “Any DVD” software ( ) to decrypt in the background - burned perfectly!!! - though its and older software, DVD X copy is still a great program - “Any DVD” (though not free) updates owners with new versions, for free - great!!!


I did this movie with FabDvd and DvdShrink a while ago. Make a folder and navigate to it with Dvdfab and let DvaFab make the folder it wants to within that folder. Then Navigate back with DvdShrink and try main title only if you can’t back up the whole movie.


I did it 100% with the RipIt4Me, DVD Decrypter, FixVTS combo. All of these are FREE. :slight_smile: Here is a blurb with the addies and such:

In order to allow DVD Decrypter to handle the latest copy protections, there is a FREE front-end called RipIt4Me. When executed, it will walk you through the backup process, either via a multi-step Wizard or a 1-Click option. The RipIt4Me program can be downloaded here:

RipIt4Me needs one more FREE app called FixVTS in order to complete its magic. It is located here:

So, to backup a protected disk that you own:

  • Download these 3 FREE applications to your hard drive
  • Install DVD Decrypter on your system
  • Copy the RIPIT4ME executable to your DVD Decrypter installation directory
  • Copy the FIXVTS executable to your DVD Decrypter installation directory
  • Create a single shortcut to the RIPIT4ME executable
  • Place that shortcut where you wish to run it from (quicklaunch, desktop, etc.)
  • Execute the RIPIT4ME shortcut and follow the prompts until the process is finished

Once your disk is ripped to the hard drive, you can process it with a ton of different apps.