Help with Media Monkey


Hi folks. I could sure use some help. I decided to use Media Monkey to burn music from the library.
I still can’t figure out how to “Drag and Drop” the songs I want to Burn. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m using Windows 10.



I have only used Media Monkey to put on the computer so far Windows 7
Have you looked at this


I think I figured it out. I thought the main large window was where you Burn the tracks. I see you drag the songs from the music in the large window to the upper right window.
Now I set all my MP3’s beforehand with MP3 Gain which you can do on Media Monkey.
Also, it says once you set the db on MP3 Gain, you can’t change the db. So if I decide to go to Winamp or another CD Burner, will the songs still have the same db as was set with MP3 Gain on Media Monkey? And since you can’t change the db, I presume you can’t raise it if you think it is too low?

I have used “MP3CD Burner” as my choice of Audio Burners. However, it only works up to Windows 7. It has some nice features. You can control the Volume of a song or songs. It’s not as precise as MP3 Gain, but you need a good ear. You can cut down or shorten a song as well. I sure appreciate your help.