Help with media code speed edit



can someon tell me how to use that media code speed edit…i have a benq 1620 …and it takes such a long time to encode…i also have the dvd identifier


encode …

MPEG2 encode speed is dictated by your CPU/memory abilities, not really much by the DVD drive.

If you are using DVD-shrink to convert the movie to mpeg2 format, you would need an Athlon 64 or equivalent before the task stops being completely CPU bound even with the benq at default settings.


To use mediacodespeededit to unlock rip speeds, you download the firmware for the 1620, then run mediacodespeededit. Then, open the firmware up in it (even if it is a .exe file), select increase read speed, and then save the firmware. Then you can run the modified firmware and it will flash your drive with the changes.


ok i downloaded the firmware and opend up mcse i loaded the firm ware then i saved it in the program only firmware rev has writting in it …other stuff is all blank and i cant click on any of the speed things…


Dont touch anything other then the increase read speed option on the bottom right in MSCE.


by removing riplock are we not forcing the lens to work harder and hotter?.
mfg put it there for a reason, can anyone honestly say it doesn’t affect the burner over time and what happens if a disc is hard to read, will we end up getting a bad burn


Not any harder or hotter then reading a pressed DVD. Reading recordable media are more difficult to read at high speed then pressed disks because of lower reflectivity and higher jitter/noise. So to be conserative, benq set the drive for 8 speed reading.

However, if you use high quality disks, and weed out disks that have not burnt well, you should have no problem reading DVD’s at 16speed with the benq drive because its high speed optical stability is quite good. The benq will need to slow down towards the end of lower quality disks, but it shouldn’t be a large problem.


Which firmware do you want to patch ?


G7K9 is my firmware…I cant click on increase speed option its all greyed out.


This firmware is so old that I do not even have it in my collection. Use G7T9 instead.


i went to benq they had that one…where can i get that new version


oh ya and i have 1620 oem wher can i get G7T9


E.g. here