Help with make a dvd (nero 6)

HI, im having some troubles with “make a dvd” with Nero 6. First off, I decrypted a homevideo dvd I had previously recorded from my dvd recorder. Then when I created new menus with automation chapter buttons. It messed up the audio. Towards the middle of the dvd the picture gets real slow and the audio is atleast a minute ahead of the video.

Can someone tell me what I’ve done wrong or how to properly do this?

You said you “decrypted” a home video. Do you mean you captured it?

What format is the video in, like perhaps DivX or Xvid or whatever?

Nero has had audio sync problems with some video files, possibly depending on how they were encoded. If you captured them yourself, check and see if you used a variable bit rate(vbr) or constant bit rate(cbr).