Help with Magnavox MWD2205

Hi. My daughter and her fiancee sent me some DVDs from Germany and they won’t play in my Magnavox MWD2205 because they are from Region 2? Is there a way I can do something to this player so I can watch these DVDs? Many thanks.

you can try this:
Region code hack posted by Bob, July 28 2007:
The 2205 and 2206 are not made by MAGNAVOX.
The manufacturer is FUNAI CORP.

Note: This hack is incomplete because of lack of firmware available for the drive. If anyone can provide the firmware please provide a link!

  1. Press 1,2,3,4 and the Display buttons on your remote to see your…
    Model Number: E8C60UD "May Differ in Products!"
    Firmware Revision: 1.24 "May Differ!"
    Region Setting: 1 “We want 0 for Multi-Region!”

  2. Press 9,8,7,6 and the Search Mode buttons on your remote to initiate the firmware upgrade sequence.

“When firmware is found or released for this model, the user burns it onto a cd, inserts the disc in the tray and the machine will update itself for about 5 minutes. The user then uplugs the machine, replugs and the process is complete. Perform step 1 again to ensure you are Multi-Region compatible.”

Thank you for the timely answer. Guess I’m outta luck since don’t have (or know where to get) firmware.