Hey everyone… I’m new to this board and I’m new to burning DVD’s so I don’t want to sound to dumb here, but let me start out by saying that I want to thank everyone for help.
:confused: First I have a MAGICSPIN BDVDRW8D dual format burner 8X. It is supposed to burn all formats, but the only thing I seem to be able to burn in music / movies / data in the -R format (brand name Memorex).
1: is MAGICSPIN and I/O Magic the same people (company)?
2: Does MAGICSPIN even have a website or a phone number to contact about this burner?
3: what trash can, can i put this burner in?
I have never seen anything like this before where ya spend ya money and their is no tech people or contact info about the burner.

The burner came with roxio photosuit 5, powerDVD XP 4.0, easy cd & dvd creator 6, but yet none of this shit works to burn a dvd. So I installed NERO 6.3 and I can burn CD’s in -R format but I can burn DVD anything (nothing). I would not reconmmend this burner to anyone. It will not recongize certain brand name DVD’s for example IMATION DVD+RW and RiDATA (this one came with the burner) and The burner tells me it’s an Illegal disc.
I’m just so tired of this burner I don’t know what to do. Can anyone tell me what to do, to burn a DVD and i have followed all the steps and tutorals on the net. :bow: HELP please!!!
HD: 114gig
Processor 200 MMX

I know it’s old but it should work.

seems it’s an i/o magic. found a topic

There are two things that we need to know before we can help. The first is what kind of a drive it is. Magicspin doesn’t make drives and it may be from several makers (nec, btc, liteon, optiwrite etc.). Look on the label on the top of the drive and or look to see what it identifies itself as in device manager to try to see what the true manufacture and model are.
The second thing we need to know is what kind of media are you trying to use that did not work (like drives, most media is not made by the company selling it, even with major brands like memorex). Each disk contains a media code that identifies the true manufacture and model of the disk. Use this free program to read the media code off of a disk (reguardless of wether you have burned on it or not).
Click the media icon at the top to fins the media code of the disk in the drive. You can also click the drive icon at the top to get information about your drive such as what firmware it is running.
Post what you find out and perhaps we can help.