Help With Lord Of The Rings

How to properly backup main movie only of lord of the rings the fellow ship of the ring extended cut because is 2 dvd, do i have to burn them each one as a regular movie? i’m confuse because im starting with the first dvd and the info shows

title 1 play time 1:45 chapter 28 aspect ratio 16:9

and in title 2 shows the same.

(check red circle in picture)

which one i need to pick?

I would suggest you play the DVD in a standalone DVD player or a media player on your computer and see which title is being played :wink:

Thanks, it seems to work.

[QUOTE=lizardo_manson;2472234]Thanks, it seems to work.[/QUOTE]

Your welcome and happy holidays to you and your loved ones :flower:

I’m trying to backup the second disc of Two Towers but just doing "open dvd source d: wo_towers_ext_D2