Help with LITE-ON LTR-48125

Hi guys,

I need help, I just upgraded my writer to the above one, previously I had the 12101B and have burnt all types of formats to cd’s and have never had any major problems. With the above writer I can burn data cd’s, etc but when it comes to audio cd’s there is a problem, the cd is not recognised by my cd player. Everything else seems to work fine but audio is a problem. I am using 2 types of media one is called Intenso 32x certified media and another type which i don’t know but on both media the same problems occur. I have tried burning at slower speeds but the problem is still there.

Can anyone help please?



Crossposting is not allowed on this forum. We don’t want to make Da_Taxman angry, do we? :wink:

That was my fault, I posted on the audio and then realised it was a program issue and posted here, sorry about this mistake, will note this for future posts.


Ok, no problem. To help you: have you tried other audio cd’s in you player, have you used different players? Maybe your player is broke?

Yup the player is fine. I normally burn my cd’s with no gaps using feurio “Do not insert pauses inbetween tracks” this time I tried it with a 2 second gap and it played fine. The previous writer even with this option selected burned them fine and had no problems anyways, gonna play about with it and see what happens.

Thanks anyways.