Help with lite on dvd-rw

I’m having a problem burning a dvd to disk. It will format the disk but when it comes to burning it the light doesn’t flash as it’s supposed to it just stays on the program keeps on like it is burning to the disk but there isn’t anything showing on the drive. it plays movies but won’t burn them. Any suggestions on what could be wrong???
it is a Lite-ON DVD-RW SOHW.16135 if this helps

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Could you tell us what program you are using to burn, and what brands the discs are?

I’ve used nero and dvd fab. And I’ve tried Memorex and Imation. It will read burnt disk both music and video. But when I go to burn a video to a dvd-rw it acts like its doing something but instead of the light flashing it just stays on

Hmmm… those brands don’t have a great reputation.

How many times have you used that rewriteable disc? It could be getting unreliable.

Please download CD-DVD Speed, run it and put the problem disc in the drive. Then click the ‘Disc Info’ tab and let us know what the Media ID is.