Help with Lite-On DH16AAS



I have a Lite-On DH16AAS drive.
In device manager it shows as "IDE\CDROMATAPI_DVD_A__DH16AAS____________________JL35____\313134534B3534303733565A2020202020202020
". I am assuming JL35 is the firmware revision???

Here is my issue/question.
I am trying to use ImgBurn to burn an image. I am supposed to set the book type to DVD-ROM. I go to the book and click the LITE-ON tab. Set the “Change For:” field to DVD+R DL. This is where the error happens. Invalid field in CDB.

Do I have to crossflash this to a different firmware? Is this a clone of iHAS124A or iHAS324A? This is an odd drive and I can’t find any info on it.
I tried to flash it to a iHAS324_BL1P, but it would never recognize any media. I COULD change the book type, but could not burn due to it not seeing the disk.


Sorry guys. Is this the solution?


Sort of worked… Step 5 says that it should not blink continuously after restart. Mine is still blinking and ImgBurn still reports "Device Not Ready (Medium Not Present).


Did you do the Convert Drive function if so, then try reflashing the firmware that
you used first and see if that helps sometimes you have to reflash a time or two
for it to take I had to do one of mine like that to get it to take and quit flashing.


I did the flash and the convert. I will do the same thing again and report back. Thanks.