HELP with Lite-ON 811/51S DVDRW

Installed in shuttle computer with intel 865 chipset
P4 2.8G
1 gig or ram

Ok i installed all the programs and what not, fine. then after like a week.

put in dvd and the computer hard freezes-reset only (weird)

reset computer and windows recognizes it in my computer and i can go about my way. also weird

it will spin up like its about to read and then it will just freeze. one hard drive, one dvdrw, and one processor, not over powering the PS. then if it works sometimes and you take a cd out, it will still be shown under my computer as the last cd that was inserted. ex:(dumb&dumber) or whatever.

windows xp pro
all updates (drivers and firmware) if you can fix this you can save my butt :slight_smile:

thank you in advance


DVD X Copy Xpress 3.x 2 i think
power dvd just updated
office 03
norton 03
nero 6 - InCD not running
DMA enabled
when i start windows with dvd in and it recognizes it i can burn or watch or whatever. and i put in a movie and it worked then i ejected it and then put it in again it froze

reset windows and it worked

anything would be of help

Try this it sounds similiar so its worth a try.