Help with lite-on 1633!

i am totally new to this, but here goes…I installed a Lite-on 1633 dvdrw in my G4 (mdd) 867, 1.75ram and it worked fine until a few days ago. the problem is I’m not sure what happened, but it is not working now. It has power, will open and close, but not read any disc! or write to them. It is also making a noise now when I put the cd in, but in toast it will eject cd and say put in recordable disc, when I know it is blank!
I know there is new firmware that I need to install, but I am not sure how to do this? I have virtual pc, but it doesn’t seem to work…I also have access to a pc computer, so I could take it out and install the firmware in the pc??
Any help would be appreciated, since I’m not sure what to do at this point or where to start? Are there any mac utilities that would tell me what is going on or where could I look? console?



Unfortunatly i also have problem with sony dru710a aka liteon 1633… about 1 week ago i make firmware update from byx2 to byx3 … everything was normal but 4 days ago i start to have problems when i was burning cd’s… when i have about 100 % of burn my sony freeze on lead out… then i record on slower speed and was ok but then was again freezing… only way - restart… from 3 days it stop working - when i put empty cd i have the same problem - it trying to be read but after one moment i dont know… something is wrong… i can’t play my cd on this… and after one moment this small light starting blinking…many people have this problem…
AND THE BEST - IT CAN WRITE AND READ DVD’S. I have only problem with cd burning and reading…
I try many things… i try many bios from liteon 1633… 1653… and of course sony dru710…no effect… i also try to do it with mtkflash… also with omnipatcher… and i try to restore eeprom media…
All of this - no effect.
Can somebody help me ? i dont have guarranty from this but it is only 4 month old… i burn max. 50 cd… and when i will send to sony they will speak that it’s problem of my software…

Where is the problem ? wrong firmware? i try byx2 byx3 byx1… also liteon CMOS and other…now i have liteon 1653 CSOK…
wrong eeprom ? mayby some help ?

same thing to me. Freeze during lead-out on a cd (firm BYX1 and nero and died cd write/read.
I tried all was possible, reset eprom upgrade firmware … nothing happen.
I swapped the driver with a new one in warranty, now work fine CS0M and last version of Nero. Probably there was an hardware problem. I never understood it.
bye. :frowning:

@ maciekbonn

Unfortunatelly your drive did not survive a “neverending lead-out”. It happened to many 1633 and 1653 drives, and there is no other solution as to swap the drive. Why don’t you have warranty? Under European laws you should have at least a year, maybe more.

:confused: Leo

well i don’t have guarranty for that … i threw it…
from tomorrow i will have LG GSA-4163B i hope to have no problems…

Thanks for everyone’s help! I ended up taking the drive out and hooking it up to my pc and tried flashing, updating, etc…but nothing…it’s dead:( so now I have to return it for another one…hopefully, with no problems…
thanks again.