Help with LG recorder



I need some help. When I clone a dvd on my computer and put it in the LG recorder/player (DR4812W) it comes up as “unknown disc” and spits it out. A friend told me to download firmware. Can someone tell me the appropriate version and how to install it on the computer.


that dvd recorder is one of the worst
anyway i couldnt find any firmware for it on lg/rpc1 sites and google i suggest youll try another media brand and if it wont do then rma it and heres some intresting user review taken from link above

“The bad: was working fine when recording. Then i put in a new blank dvd-r and it kept coming up unknown disc. Tried a dvd-video; unknown disc. It now only recognises audio cd’s.”


Thanks for the reply. Just to let you know that when I cloned dvd’s before using a different computer they worked fine but unfortunately that computer died. I read in other postings in this forum that DVR-109 Firmware V1.09 will work for this dvd recorder/player but do not know how to install it.