Help with LDW5005, and copying



Mod, please place this in the appropriate forum, if this is not correct. I recently purchased the LiteOn LDW 5005 recorder. I have a Panasonic PV-GS120 camcorder I have been taping basketball games with. I have no problems copying my game tapes over to the 5005. But, I thought I would make some additional copies for some of the players, and figured I could use DVD shrink with my computer to make the copies as well as the LDW5005, again. I have a LiteOn 411s that I place my copied DVD into, and when starting to use DVD shrink, I received this error. “DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue; Invalid DVD navigation structure” I am using RIDATA 8x DVD+R discs. I thought, hmm,lets try DVD decrypter by itself, picked the read iso protocol, and it filled the buffer, but then the program “stopped”, stalled my computer, and I had to do a hard reboot to get going again. Any ideas? Can DVD’s made with the LDW5005 not be copied elsewhere?(and yes, I did finalize the disc upon completion), or is it, perhaps the media Im using? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I’ve been searching the fourm for you and I feel for sure this is what I did!! I use a DVD+RW in the 5005 so I can erase and use again & again! I copied to PC using DVD decrypter. Then I burned to a DVD with my 411s with the “Bit setting” at DVD-Video and it played on everything! I also used Sonic MY DVD to pull the video that I wanted to build a custom-made DVD with all the fancy chapters, background, sound etc… Hope this helps! If you’ve found any better ways let me know I’m still searching for easier ways all the time!!

From bomb_dog,
Sorry if you’ve already tried this, but have you put DVD Decryptor into ‘IFO’ Mode from the drop-down menus? This is the format the files and menus are written in on the DVD.I’ve been recording and ripping mpeg files to my PC this way since I got my writer. I haven’t finalised one DVD on my writer yet, I’ve re-authored them all on my PC!
If you can’t see any files on the DVD when you double click on the DVD drive icon in windows or windows explorer, then your drive may not be able to read it, and you may need to use another drive…


I used “ala’s” mod to change my 411s to a 811s, and then did the “macro/3-hr tape” firmware update to the 5005 that has been discussed in these forums. Since I have done both of those things, I havent had any trouble in recording the DVD’s that have came from the 5005, to my computer, then to another DVD. Thanks for trying to help.


Can you give us the link to the 411s to a 811s mod? So what your saying is once you’ve done the mod you can then set the “bit setting” on the 411s/811s to “DVD-video”, copy it and it will then play on most all DVD players? Are you just coping or have you tried to use DVD Shrink? Thanks for your help!


Check here …,,,look under EEprom Utility(its listed by itself, also, in the LiteOn forum),then read this…… I have used the “bit setting” but also have just left it alone, and so far, on DVD+R media, I have been able to play on the 3 DVD players I have in my house,Sony, Hitachi(built into widescreen tv), and of course the LiteOn 5005.

I’m using DVD shrink, then burning with Decrypter(iso). I couldnt get it to work using Decrypter alone, and Nero always causes me “fits” with my LiteOn, whether it be @411s or @811s(I dont think it likes it;-) )


Back when I used to have a 5005 I would copy like this.

On my hard drive I would create a folder MOVIES.
In the MOVIES folder I would creata a folder AUDIO_TS. (note all upper case)
From the DVD I would drag/drop the folder VIDEO_TS to the MOVIE folder on my hard drive. MOVIE folder now containes AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS.
Since the files are not larger than 4.4gb there is no reason to compress them.
I used CloneDVD to burn exsisting data in x:/MOVIES folder.

If I wanted to copy and edited movie I would choose “Movie Only” option in DVD2ONE. Burning it with CloneDVD.


I seem to be able to get everything to my PC OK with DVD Decrypter and thanks for your help!

  1. Here’s my problem and question? I’ve just burned a DVD+RW disc (not finalized) EP 4 hr. mode with four separate 1 hour long shows with my 5005. When I open up DVD shrink it only shows the last 1 hr. long show only?? It says title 4 and title 9 which are the same? Why can’t I see the rest of the Titles??

  2. I’m using Sonic “My DVD” and when I do the “encoding” it takes the 1st hr. show recorded on the 5005 in EP and the size is approx. 1 GB which is correct, when I add the next 1 hr. show it shows the entire size too large for a Std. DVD… go figure??

I’ve read where some people are using Nero Vision Express to edit their videos and then encode them and burn to a DVD with success, I have Nero 6 Ultra Version but haven’t installed yet… any help would be greatly appreciated!!


had1, I use the drag and drop method to copy the VIDEO_TS folder to my hardrive and then use Nero Express to burn the video files to DVD. If I get a cyclical redundancy error I use DVD Decrypter with the ignore errors checked on the I/O tab and then Nero Express to burn the video files to DVD. All episodes will show.


Thanks for your comments! I finally got around to installing Nero Ultra Edition this week! On my 1st try I put the DVD+RW recorded on the 5005 (EP mode with 4 hrs. of TV) in my PC. I opened NVE, selected “Make a Movie” pulled the video from the DVD+RW and edited out the commercials, burned to a DVD+ & -R (of course it has to re-encode which took 2 hrs!!) and everything was OK! It is a very lengthy process I wish there was a faster way!! Did I do things right??
So what your saying is if I didn’t want to edit anything I could pull out the VIDEO_TS file, then burn it to a DVD and play in DVD Player? I know that would be faster!!

HQ(1Hr) 9716KB @ 720x480
SP(2Hr) 5073KB @ 720x480
LP(3Hr) 3382KB @ 720x480
EP(4Hr) 2537KB @ 720x480
SLP(6Hr) 1691KB @ 352x480
These seems to be close to the 5005 except the EP mode is 352x480 on the 5005. I’m really interested in the LP mode if that is 720 or 480 on the 5005?? I assume the Bit Rate is close to the 3382, anyone out there know??


had1, I haven’t had to edit out any commercials yet so I haven’t used NVE.
Yup, just burning the VIDEO_TS folder with nero Express will do it.
I read somewhere that Liteon did away with the 3hr mode because it was virtually the same as the 4 hr mode.


Hi, I use Nero Vision Express 3 and it works quite nicely. I do however have a problem. It seems, when I burn my Movies I’ve downloaded online, it gets cropped on the television. I lose about 1.5in on each side of video, which irritates the heck out of me. The subtitles on the bottom of the screen are chopped in half, and I don’t know how to fix it. Same goes for Sonic, as I cannot seem to see the entire video on television. Can anyone help me? :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know if this will help your problem… but I know in Sonic you can click on “View” and check “Show TV Safe Zone”. Keep everything inside the box and that should help??