Help with LDW-401S

I just bought the LDW-401S,

trying to write normal cd-r, I get the problem that my cd just act like nothing was burned on the cd, … but the program that I use to burn with says that the burning was 100% finish, tried nero and some other programs…
I make no sense to me that there aint nothing on the cd after that… :confused:

what can be wrong…??

Originally posted by Ulle
tried nero and some other programs…

Do you have more than one CD writing software installed?
That could cause problems :confused:

Just uninstall all CD software completely. make sure that all
packet writing software like InCD and DirectCD gets removed,

Then try again with only one CD software installed and with
a quality CD-R like TDK or Fuji. Do not install any packet
writing software, just to be sure :wink:

If it still doesn’t work I would return the LiteON and get it replaced.

Andy :smiley:

thx, m8 :slight_smile:

I tried to write on one of the dvd+rw disks that came with the burner, and it worked perfectly so as u say, I better chance my Cd-R brand :wink:

The 401s will not support -r/rw writting. You need to use +r/rw disks.


VB9999 ---- the problem was with CD-R writing…
the DVDburning worked fine…

and the problem is solved… I can again write on my cd-r disks… :bigsmile:

My bad, I read the post wrong. I think I’m going blind, LOL… I thought you ment dvd-r writting.

My fault.


np :bigsmile: