Help with "Ladron Que Roba a Ladron " (To Catch a Thief)



I tried copying Ladron using DVD Shrink and the copy came out with the director’s commentary over the movie audio. Before I began the burn, there was no box to uncheck so this wouldn’t happen. Usually there is so I uncheck it and there’s no problem. I tried using the audio button on the dvd player to switch audio streams and nothing happened? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


Does the movie play in Spanish ordinarily? If so (and I think it does - see here), when you backed it up/ripped it, you simply took the English track, which would be the director’s comentary.

If this is the case, keep the 5.1 Spanish audio and the first English subtitle. Ensure the subtitles are turned on.



Thank you Blutach for your advice. I did what you said, but it didn’t work;same result. Then I tried again adding ONLY the spanish audio and no English audio, same result; director’s commentary over the movie. Do you or anyone else have any ideas? Thanks!


Well, if [B]only [/B]Spanish 5.1 is present, I find it impossible to understand where the Director’s Commentary is coming from. At worst, it should be silent. Are you absolutely sure all English tracks are unticked?