Help with Kylie Minogue CD

I’m trying to make a backup of the original Kylie Minogue CD, Body Language. They have some sort of a protection where I can’t even play it on my PC without running it off another program. I tried using FreeRip, Exact Audio Copy and Clone Cd to back it up, but none of it seemed to work. It’s an EMI produced disk, I’m not too sure what kind of protection they have.

clonecd should work if you choose the right profile, and your cd burner is up to it. scan the cd with a-ray scanner or clonyxxl

also see this

have you tried using anydvd?

I tried using clone CD to make an image, but it just stops halfway. I looked at the CD, it seems to have more lines than a regular CD.

Hi bimmu, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

What hardware are you using to read the CD? A CD/DVD Reader, a CD/DVD burner? Which brand/model?

Ehm… what do you mean by “more lines”? :confused:



Hey, I managed to get it working. I just used Feurio…surprisingly easy actually.

I guess what I meant with more lines would be that usually when the CD ends, you see the burn line. With this CD, you see one burn line, then a little later, there’s another burn line.

Glad to hear that you solved your problem! :iagree:

Happy burning! :slight_smile:


Sigh…problem not solved it seems. Like I said, I managed to rip it into Wav, then converted it into MP3, I then used Nero to burn it onto a CD. It seemed to play on my PC, but when I put it into the CD of my car, nothing would happen, it’s like it couldn’t read the CD.

Did you burn the wav as a data cd per chance?

Originally, I burnt it with Nero as a MP3 CD…maybe I shoulda tried it as an audio CD? I should be able to burn it as MP3 though right?? or do I need to burn it as a wav?

Burn the wav as an audio cd if you wanan play it on any stand alone player.

BTW, what protection does it use, scan it with A-Ray.

I tried that A-ray thing, pretty cool looking biohazard symbol. Anyways, it said this: "Cactus Data Shield 200 0.04.004 -> E:\autorun.inf "