Help with Kprobe results

I dont have a Liteon DVDWRiter but a DVDROM (165) and i have been using this to do kprobe comparisons with my own burns. Im aware i cant use these results to compare against ones done by Liteon DVDWriters.

After getting fed up with getting poor burns with my DATASAFE RITEKS i bought a single Memorex CMC.MAG.AF1. It gave a better overall average PI/PO result but it had something in common with the G04’s.

The first 25% of the kprobe PI/PO charts are always horribly high in hundreds and than settle down to nicer twenties for the remaining read. Anyone know why i get such high values at the start of the kprobe ?? Fault with my drive as 2 different medias giving same result ?
NEC2500a with Dangerous Brothers 1.06 FW

Below is Kprobe graph of best burn i have had to date using Memorex CMC.MAG.AF1. DATASAFE RITEK G04’s are lot worse.

It’s hard for anyone to analyze your Kprobe scans due to the fact that you’re doing them on your DVD-ROM.
If your discs play fine, there shouldn’t be any problems!
How about some Nero DVDSpeed transfer rate graphs?

As i only have a Liteon DVD-ROM drive i do not worry about the amount of errors (unless there is a monumental amount of them) i only worry about the height of them, 200 is still a big no no even on a read only drive and owt over 150 starts to get me nervous.

On my DVD drive i consider a good disc to have less than 100,000 PI errors and 30,000 PO errors. Again these figures are only a personal point of view and based on my drive only.

Its of a DVD movie burn on a DATASAFE Ritek G04 i did with Nero 6316
Is this OK ? Not too sure how to interpret.

WESOCIETY cant wait to read you results of your tests you been doing on the G04s. . I hope you discovered a good strategy for Herrie to implement in next firmwareelse im going to look at other quality media than G04’s.

BTW what you think of stocking PRODISCS03’s instead of G04’s in future ? I think they can go to x8 with Herries FW (implies better quality ??)

That’s a pretty good transfer rate graph.
I don’t think you should have any problems playing this disc.
Have you had any trouble with it?

PRODISCS should be more reliable for you until I can work with Herrie to implement a better G04 write strategy. I should have my results posted tomorrow :bigsmile: