Help with keimzeit cd: illegal toc, tracks <4sec

i have problems to run my cd of keimzeit (kling klang) on my pc or making a mp3 copy for my car.
on the cd player it doesn’t run at all (my system even crashes sometimes !!) and on my cd burner i got a playlist of all songs including songnames and times on itunes but it doesn’t play either.
on audiograbber i got indicated the tracks (no names) but the same: it doesn’t play. :a
here the first track is indicated with a length of -3726:-6 and a -37610.10mb (???) :confused:
the length of the songs are most times 1 to 2 sec longer than indicated on the cd.
… and there are only 19 tracks on the cd - but on audiograbber 20 tracks, incl. the first and last one, which is only 00:04 long and 0.67mb big.
runing clonexxl brings the information illegal toc and tracks <4sec. :a
my cd player is: e-ide cd -952e/akv
my cd burner is:cd writer ide5232
making an image with daemon tools didn’t help either.

who can help me???

Go through this guide, and try to rip the cd with Exact Audio Copy

maybe your drive is not able to rip cds which are protected by illegal toc, what is the manufacturer of your drive or is it a standard CD Rom drive?

it is a standard drive.
the image i mad with clone cd seems from the size ok.
the img-file has a size of about 760mb (besides a small sub and ccd file)

i tried eac but with no good result.
i sees the tracks but thats all.

Not able to rip them? Try Action - Detec TOC manually

can’t find under action the button detec toc manually.

however i tried clonyxxl with ccd4 profiler v.1.2 to find the protection (illegal toc and tracks<4sec), made an image with clonecd on a virtual device with daemon tools and then with clonecd burned a cd.
seems that everything is on (it plays all track with the right length on a regular cd player) but with no sound !!!
the audio level is always on 0,00%.

i mean the peak level is always on 0,00% whenever i got that far …

EAC & A good drive is what you need. EAC detect TOC manually or show native TOC in newer versions will do it or it won’t.

If the TOC on the actuall Audio Session is screwed up EAC will detect the real TOC as is :frowning: Try to use Clone and copy it that way, ripping maybe a problem.

If there is a second data session doing this EAC will remove it and you can rip it :slight_smile:

i could create a cd out of the image but still no sound in the extern audio cd player and the pc device still cant read it … :a :a :a