Help with Kazaa mp3 files downloaded

Helo all i’m new to this forum and would like to ask a question which I hope can be answered.
I downloaded 12 individual songs which is actually a complete album.
When I use nero to convert them to a music CD it fails because the program believes that each song is 10 minutes long??
Also when I try to play these songs in MP3 format all I get is noise?
All of these mp3 files were downloaded from Kazaa and from different users?

PLease help.

what kind of music is it?

Are you able to play any other mp3s on your computer? Except for the fact they were downloaded from different users I might suspect they were fakes. In any case I don’t think I would waste my time and a disk burning them if they won’t even play. Have you tried Nero Mix? Windows Media Player?

if you can’t play them with winamp, then I’d tend to think like the other these are junk or corrupt files. I’d not try to compile past that.

for obvious reasons different persons with an interest in perserving the copyrights of music CD’s often place “fake” mp3’s on the net… They are usually filled with loud noise or constantly repeating musical phrases which have little to do with the music file you are trying to download.

Have you tried Limewire it filters out corrupt mp3’s.