Help with iso's

i have an iso which i tried to burn using nero its a *.iso format.I tried to burn it and i get “Sorry this kind of compilation cannot be written on the selected recorder(s).please select a different recorder or modify the settings of your compilation” could anybody plz help

ps i have a yamaha 3200 internal burner

could you run your iso file through winiso and see if it comes up faulty ? perhaps multisession ?

where did you make the iso with anyway ?

i know for sure you have read our rules so don’t answer that you have downloaded an illegal iso somewhere.

i just want to copy an iso of a video of my sis trip to usa she send it to me through email as an iso so i can also have a cd

ps what is win iso

Fair enough.

This is winiso.

what do i do with it now?
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Well , with the aid of the program , you can check if the .iso is at all readable. (This will not cost you a cd-rom).

You can also check if the parameters , sector size and stuff like that is done correctly on the file and if so , convert them (perhaps it’s a .bin what your sis sent you).

Anyway , it’s just a helpful tool for that.

How big is the .iso file anyway ?

Be sure to check in Nero you have selected the WRITER instead of the virtual image drive and if the iso gets detected correcly (size per sector is correct).

What’s nero’s version ?

thx for your help i converted my .bin file to .iso and burned it thx

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thx for your help i converted my .bin file to .iso and burned it thx

you’re welcome :cool: