Help with isobuster

I have a dvd that is a SL 4.7 it has 3.19GB on it, it is scratched and decrypter cant copy it. I got told about ISO buster, it seems to be doing what I want, it replaces the bad spot and continues reading the dvd and seems to have extracted the whole thing to my HD, trouble is DVDD cant use the file, so how can I get ISO buster to create an actuall “corrected” ISO file (corrected meaning errors filled in so that DVDD can back it up) that DVDD can read? all it does now is create a .tao file that nothing can use. The error on the source disc occurs after the movie ends, so it doesnt matter if I lose the data on the damaged spot. please help, thanks!! its driving me nuts, and I only have the orig disc for another day.

Can you change the outputformat? “Save as” or “extract as”
It seems that isobuster has 3 sorts of outputformats : .tao .iso and .bin
Have a look here :
Hope it helps.
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