Help with isobuster

My VCD has two language audio tracks. They nomrally play simultaneously. With my orginal VCD, I can select one of the audio tracks with my VCD/DVD player remote control. I discovered that when I use Isobuster to extract the files and use TMCEnc Author program to convert the VCD to DVD format (I want to store multiple copies of my VCDs in one DVD), the resulting DVD audio track select does not work. That is, the two language audio tracks play simultaneously.

Is there a feature that I can use in Isobuster to get around this problem? Or, should I use some other programs? If so, can someone recommend a good freeware program?

Many thanks for your help


Hm, I didn’t even think you could get away with that on a VCD…

Anyway, I would try going to File -> MPEG Tools -> De-Multiplex (not Simple De-Multiplex) in TMPGEnc and splitting the video and the two language tracks up into separate streams. Then go ahead and feed em to TMPGEnc DVD Author separately.

Thanks. I will give it a try and I’ll let you know.

I tried your suggestion. TMPGENC splits the file into 2, i.e. video and audio. The latter still contains two languages.

To all:

I fixed the problem with TMPGEnc DVD author. It turns out I can select an option for bilingual audio. Nice program :wink: