Help with iso to DVD playback "conversion"



I burned an iso image to DVD using DVD encypter successfully. It played back with great quality on my computer, but would not play in either my PS2 or either of my DVD players which have played even the crappiest of DVD -r media.

I brought this to a friend of mine for advice, and he says sometimes when he makes movies and has similar issues, he “converts” them before he puts them on a DVD.

Now as long as I’ve been doing this, I’ve gone ISO to DVD with no issues at all. Anyone have any clue what he’s talking about??
Thanks!! :smiley:


The only thing that one does is to change the book type on + media to DvD-Rom. This will make it more compatible with standalone DvD players.

It’s possible that the media is not liked in this case.

Go to here to check for compatibility issues with you DvD Player.



Do you know what program was used to create the ISO image in the first place?

I’ve encountered some DVDs that when ripped (with DVD Fab) to the hard drive are small enough to fit on a single layer with no compression. However; if just burned staright to a DVDR, only some standalone players will play them. I think it’s something to do with manufacturers stretching the limits of the DVD specification.

Running the VIDEO_TS folder through DVD Shrink even when no compression is needed seems to sort out any compliance issues. If you think this might help then you could always mount the ISO image using Daemon Tools and run it straight through DVD Shrink.




All done here fellas. I borrowed a better quality DVD-r blank from buddy and it fired right up in my dvd player.

Thanks for the tips!