Help with IO Magic/BenQ-1670 please

I just bought an IO Magic IDVD168DL which, when I inspected the unit, is marked on the label as a BenQ-1670. I know that IO Magic is a marketing company who does not manufacture hardware, but … can this really be a BenQ-1670?

If so, does that imply that I can use BenQ firmware available here or is there an IO Magic proprietary lock on using just their firmware.

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Check this thread: BenQ DW1670, Sony DRU-820A and I/O Magic (DW1670 OEM) crossflash!

Thank you …

The steer you gave me was quite interesting and informative. I need to absorb it a bit more closely and research some specific points (new ones to me) a bit more closely.

I picked up this drive yesterday at Circuit City ($39.00 after rebates) to replace a LiteOn-1633 that had all but stopped reading anything. Needless to say I was surprised to read BenQ-1670 on the ID label.

Although I have decades of experience with computers and have burned a very many CDs and some VCD/SVCDs, I am new to the DVD world … lots to learn.

I thank you for your speedy and very appropriate response.

I just bought the IO Magic (DC 16x8x5) burner that turns out to be a BenQ-1670 with FW 1.01.

I’ve downloaded the 1.02 and 1.03 EXE fw updates, but when run (double click the DW1670-102.EXE file) am told that the drive cannot be updated.

I tried using BQ Flasher, but it cannot load the fw EXE files.

I need a step by step on how to get this unit able to be updated … please.

Any help will be appreciated.

Have you converted the drive to a DW1670 yet? If not, all the information you need to have it converted to a DW1670 are linked by zevia’s reply from a previous thread you started. You don’t use BQFlasher!

Thanks KTL.
PoGo, check post#2 in the linked thread, or click here.

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What’s the better firmware now? Sony 1.0B or Benq 1.03?

Thanks KTL, Zevia and all who helped.

How I missed that post is beyond me, but once you steered me, everything is just fine.

Windows, Fuerio, Nero and Alcohol-120 all now see the drive as a BenQ-1670.

I certainly do appreciate all the assistance.