Help With Interactive MP3-DVD



I have a collection of a few thousand MP3 tracks on my hard drive that I would like to backup onto an MP3 DVD. However I don’t really want to just create a normal run of the mill disk with a big long list of songs and nothing else. I would like to create a more professional looking affair with a nice welcome screen, a comprehensive list of albums and artists and maybe some album art and other information about the music. I have even thought about having a small, basic media player embedded on the disk so I can play it anywhere (even at work where the computers haven’t even got WMP installed).
The only problem is I havn’t the foggiest idea where to begin. I need an app. that can do most of the work for me. After searching this forum and Googling my ass off I am no nearer the answer.
Anyone know a piece of software (cheap) that could help me? A tutorial would be a dream but anything would help.

Cheers all.


The only way you can burn an interactive DVD with music that I can think of would be a DVD-Video. That leaves MP3s out of question. You would have to transcode them to AC3 or MP2 which means sound quality loss, or to LPCM which would drastically reduce the number of tracks you can fit on the disc.

For a media player to include on the disc I recommend Media Player Classic + a K-Lite Code Pak.


OK I see what yor’re saying but what is the “create MP3-DVD” option for on Nero StartSmart? I just assumed you dropped the MP3 files into it and it ended up as a REALLY big MP3-CD.