Help with installing xp again



does any one know if u reinstall windows xp if it deletes all your folders eg:mp3 files movies games etc.


It depends. If you do a “clean” install where XP formats and re-partitions your hard drive, you’ll lose everything. But if you reinstall XP [B]over[/B] your existing OS, your data files will remain intact.


It’s related on where you saved your files.

Reinstalling windows you’ll loose all previously installed softwares, games included. During reinstall, setup will ask you to reformat HD: if you say yes then you’ll loose all data.

If you have more than one HD, then copy all your data on another HD: in this way you will not loose any data. If you have only one HD, you can create two partitions, one for operative system and programs, and another for your data. Or you can save all your data on DVDs and copy again on HD after reinstalling windows.


Why do you want to reinstall? If windows is a little flaky then use the repair consol on the XP cd. … . But if your registry is screwed a clean install is probably the best answer.


k thanks and i want to reinstall coz i cant save ne thing from the net


how do you reinstall over a existing version I have not seen that option only the format for a clean install. will this method also work if your start up files are corrupted?


One option is not really an install over another. It looks at the os files and replaces any that don’t match. Either way it’s a pain in the butt. But if you just have to redo the os the best is to move the data to another drive that wont be touched and do the full format / install. Reason I never use upgrade versions, still to much junk left behind. When I got XP I got the full version and formated the C drive. Others that just got an upgrade disc had nothing but problems trying to sort things out. Keep in mind your going to need to apply all those updates from MS again. A real joy in itself.

To the quote above, there is a repair option but everything I worte holds true. Beter to start clean.


That depends on how you install the upgrad bk. I have an upgrade edition I used on my old PC, but I formatted the drive and then installed it clean and just poped in the Me disc wwhen asked, therefore no junk from the old version. But I did have partitioned drive before I did it.

I would go with the info of moving stuff to another partition. I am weary of the advice of moving it to another drive. As when I formatted and re-installed XP when I had more than one drive it did not recognise the drives and so I had to go through the process of initialising and re-formatting them and thus lost the info anyway. I learnt my lesson and back everything up regularly and mass back up before a re-format.

Back up what you can before doing it just to be safe.


I hear ya: It’s been so long for my last full install I forgot most of it. I don’t look forward to the day I have to do it again. Would take two full weeks to restore back to orginal condition. A ghost back up is out of the question, the system is just to big. Would take up a 100 DVD’s for everything


i also did this and when i asked on here about it, someone said they always unplug the drive with the data on it before formatting then replug it in when they finished reinstalling windows.


That’s why I now use external enclosures with hdd for backing up before a re-format. Given the price of both over here it’s much cheaper that DVDs wfor large back ups.

Never tried that bj, as I hadn’t heard of it. Given the computer literacy of the average user nower days, how many would even think of opening up and doing it? Most newbies take the side of see and panic then close it again. Yet not knowing how hard it is to mess up where the cables are concerned it is understqandable as to why they do.


this is exactly what i do. can never be too safe! plus that ensures you don’t choose the wrong drive (i’ve seen it happen!)