Help with install

Just reinstalled Nero 6. When I try to start Burning Rom I get an error message.

“Nero initialization failed because of inconsistent DLLs (5)!”

Any idea what this is.

Go to nero’s site search their site for nero clean tools depending if it was 6 or 7 previously on there you need to download and run that clean tool to reinstall.

That did it thanks.
I now have the following versions. Are these all stable versions? I had too many problems with Ultra 7 that is why I installed Ultra 6 again.

Burning Rom = Version
Nerovision Express = version
mp3pro.dll = version

The best update if you burn movie backups with dvd shrink is The last update for cd and dvd data, mp3’s ect… is I think.


Unfortunately, I can’t find or I also saw a post for the best NVE as being v3.1.0.11 but can’t find that either.

There are such version of Nero as the right version is the same thing with that is also

I’m clueless and stumbled on this site so forgive me if I’m in the wrong place, in the way, etc… :o

Anyone know if I can connect my digital camcorder (dv drive) via a DV cable directly into the back of my Dual RW Drive Sony burner (which is of course connected to my Dell 4600) and expect to load video onto Nero that way? It’s not registering as recognizing the camera as connected at all.

Thank you!