Help with incredimail

Have download INCREDIMAIL (free version) and seriously thinking about whether to buy full version. My main problem at the moment is that I can change the FONT and letter size but can not save it so when I go write another e-mail it reverts back to the default setting each time. Any comments about the programme would be helpful before I decide to buy or not…is it even worth while buying the full version…THANKS.

If i’m not mistaken you can set a default template. So if you change your font, outlook, etc you can save that as a default.

I’ve bought a lifetime license a year ago on a summer-discount promotion, costed me about $15 for Incredimail. However, i don’t use the templates, happy colors and notifications at all, just the excellent mailing (gmail, hotmail, popmail, etc) support and easily manageable multiple profiles.

Please BIN IT!

Incredicrap produces the most bloated, nasty emails, full of headers and junk of their own invention, it is also as flaky as hell, and only an unofficial 3rd party utility “Incrediconvert”, lets you get anything back out of this beast.

Oh yes, Incredimail will IMPORT, but unless they’ve changed recently, it’s a one way trip.

Rather than risk needing “International Rescue”, why not send for the THUNDERBIRD in the first place

2nd thunderbird

Only if you enable those options.

Oh yes, Incredimail will IMPORT, but unless they’ve changed recently, it’s a one way trip.
There’s always backup :slight_smile:

Incredimail is only bloated if you import all the different skins/notifiers/stationery (as a Premium user), and it certainly is easy to use. To use stationery in OE you have to go through hoops.

For the default letter style go to Tools/Options/Message.

I think it’s worth the extra money to get the premium services, no ads for a start. I have Premium/Gold and Letter Creator.

They have a Sale on right now:

I just started a new Incredimail Help Forum
Registration required to post, it also removes ads from the Forum, which is a good thing, as Martha would say.