Help with incompatibility issues

Hi all!

I’m having some issues with getting a DVD I burned to play on any home DVD players.

I captured a home movie from a DV player, edited it with roxio, and created an ISO. Problem is, after I burned said ISO onto a DVD-R disc, the DVD will play on both my computers just fine, but when I stick it into any stand-alone DVD players, I get the message: “playback prohibited by area limitations.” This is strange since I’ve previously been able to play back any DVD-R’s I’ve burned with no problems.

At first I was thinking it was a media problem (I just switched to Sony DVD-R’s from TDK) but now I’m finding that kind of doubtful.

-Windows XP SE
-Pioneer DVD-R110 Burner, Firmware 1.37
-Sony DVD-R 8x media
-ISO created with Roxio Easy Media Creator (MyDVD)
-Attempted to burn ISO with Roxio, Ahead Nero, AND Ulead, no luck

Thanks in advance!

You are on the right track in thinking it’s media related. Since you’ve just changed media, that would be the first variable I would think as well.

Try burning those Sony’s at a slower speed and see if that corrects the problem. Also check for an updated firmware for your burner.

Keep in mind that brands of media don’t tell you much in regards to it’s quality. TDK, Sony, Fuji, etc. don’t manufacture media, they only repackage it and sell it under their own brand name.

Use a program like DVD Identifier to identify a brands media code, that will tell you much more about the blank disc. I would suggest reading up in the blank media sub-forum, there is much more information there.

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sounds like a PAL vs. NTSC issue.

I think you need to convert formats. your system is either PAL or NTSC and your video is the opposite.

Even if it’s worked before/playing fine on computers?

How might I find out the formats of my video/system?


After editing, do you have your editing program create the ISO? if so, try after editing have the program create a VIDEO_TS folder and then burn with Nero using the ‘burn dvd video option’. Maybe the iso creation is the problem. Maybe the program created an image for another region.

computers can read both formats.

if you’re region 1 (US) then your AV setup is NTSC

if you’re region 2 (most of europe) then you’re PAL

it’s especially likely that this is the issue if the dvd you’re backing up is an import.

edit: just realized you said it was something you downloaded…in that case, do you know what the source was? that is an important factor…

From my Sony MiniDV camcorder…

I’ve definitely burned movies with video captured from that camcorder before.

oh whoops…i misread the post initially.

i’m an idiot and need to learn to read before posting. I apologize.

No problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

At the moment I think I’m going to burn a DivX DVD (which was the last thing to actually play successfully in a standalone) with the new media. Also trying to search around in all my dealings for where a format switch might have somehow taken place.

You didn’t change the region on your burner did you? “Area limitation” probably has something to do with region setting. Either in the burner or the iso creation. Have you always created an iso when you burned? Forgive me for hammering on this but i really believe that’s the problem somewhere.

Actually this is the first time i’ve created an ISO, but I only did that after burning the DVD straight from the project file in the editor yielded a DVD that failed to play.

Windows Device Manager tells me that it’s Region 1, which is what it should be.

If you’re not sure, you probably didn’t change it. Just for general info ‘Nero Info tool’ will tell you your region.

What program created the iso? Make sure that program is setup to create an iso or to create a video project for ntsc. If you can set the program to create a VIDEO_TS folder try that. It seems like when the program created the project file that may have somehow affected compatibility. I was using Ulead once and it created a file that only the built-in Ulead burning program would burn. That i did not like and i’ve never used Ulead since. I would prefer that my program make a Video_ts folder because it can be used in pratically any dvd authoring program. If one program can’t do what i want then maybe another will. I would like to take the finished project and maybe work on it in another program; for example dvd menu studio makes some really nice menus if you’re willing to work at it.

If I’ve made the VIDEO_TS folder, then I can be pretty certain that when I burn it, it’ll be in NTSC format?

As long as the program you use is set to create a NTSC project. Even if it’s not there is a patch trick that can convert a PAL disc to NTSC:HERE .When you burn it you have more control over how it’s burned. When you burn with Nero it checks somrthing to make sure it’s a compliant dvd structure. If it’s going to be a dual-layer disc you can control the layer break (where the laser switches to the second layer) which affects playback, etc.
I should have asked this before; when you were using TDK dvds before were they dvd+r or -r?

Ah thank you so much!

It was a format issue, the discs are fine.

I have the feeling that the settings got changed before I exported the captured video.