Help With Imapi And/or Burning Cd's

I am familiar with burning CD’s. I am using Media Player 11 on a machine that uses Windows XP Home Edition. I have always been able to burn CD’s. I am currently having some trouble. Sometimes they burn and sometimes they do not. Media Player keeps sending a notice that my discs are damaged or dirty, I need to slow the speed down, or choose another brand of disc. I have tried 3 different brands, different speeds, and my discs are new. I am not using knock-off brands either. A technician told me to check my IMAPI. It was not started under status. I had to start it. It burned a disc and then IMAPI cut itself off again. I had to go back in and start it and it is set on automatic. Burning CD’s has become so hit or miss. I have used compressed air to clean the drive. Is my burner going bad? What is knocking that setting off? I am not one to mess with settings just for the fun of it. I will appreciate any help.

It’s much better to burn CDs with a proper burning app like Nero or Roxio. Using XPs built-in CD burner is a bit hit & miss.
I think Imapi is normally on manual & only started by the app when it needs it & then shutdown again.

For Audio CDs I’d recommend Burrrn ( as a good and free one.