Help with imagemixer please



can anyone advise on the following problem please…
I’m trying to convert my first home movie done on a jvc digital camcorder onto a dvd. I got imagemixer with the camera and used it to edit the original raw footage and have the finished project saved in imagemixer. I have added soundtrack and can view the finished project in imagemixer and its good. This is where I have the problem…I can’t get the project onto dvd disc. I’ve gone through the steps on the instructions but when the progress bar comes up, it takes about 10 hours, yes 10 hours!! to “convert image data”. After all this time, I then get a message saying there is “not enough space on the disc”. Now, the imagemixer layout says my project is 1662.74Mb and I am using a 4.7GB blank dvd disc. My laptop has a 60GB hard drive of which the system says 40% is free, so where am I going wrong?? Its a high spec new laptop too. Is there an easier way of doing this? I also have nero on my laptop. Pretty frustrated, please help.