Help with Image wizard on trial 120%?




Sorry in advance if this is stupid but …

When I open the image wizard of the trial version of 120%, it has a “datatype” selection at the bottom left of the window.
However, when I put tthe disk I want to make an image of (EA Battle for Middle Earth II) into the drive (NEC OPTIARC AD7173A), the datatype dropdown is gone … not greyed out, gone!

I know the disk has SAFEDISC 2/3 from running A-Ray.

I am trying to image this disk, which is a brand new Chistmas present, because it will not install at all on my new gaming pc and I suspect the copy-protection is the problem. It all seems very stupid, since people who want to will always circumvent and enjoy doing so whilst people who just want to play the game they’ve bought (like my son and I) are frustrated.


Shuttle SN27P2
Athlon 64 X2 4600+
2GB Crucial RAM
XFX nvidia geforce 7600gt 256MB PCIE
NEC A-7173A DVD writer
Samsung 400GB SATA HD

DirectX Information
Version 9.0b
Long Version 4.09.0000.0902


If it’s a DVD, there are no datatypes to choose from. If it’s Safedisc copy protection, then you don’t need to select anything, just click Next.



I guess it may not be related to the drive. It really is infuriating.