Help with IDE and 2500

I am wanting to know what the best solution is to my problem. I had been burning on the fly with Nero for the past 4-5 months. I recently upgraded Nero and now it is saying that my reader and writer are on the same IDE channel. I have looked and my motherboard does not have any open IDE’s. I am wondering if I can put either my reader or my writer on my hard drive’s IDE channel since I only have 1 HD and an empty secondary channel. I would also like to know which i should have set as primary and whcih as secondary if this is possible. Any help would be great. I have a Lite On reader and a 2500 writer.

I’m not a fan of copy on the fly, but if you wish to do that, you could connect the reader on the same channel as the harddrive, setting the reader to slave, i’m not sure if this will drag down harddrive performance though, and connect the 2500a to 2nd master on its own.

Its preferable to not have your optical drives on the same IDE channel as your hdd, as it will lower your hdd transfer speeds when run simultaneously. As for the master/slave issue, thats not really an issue, either will work fine normally, and aslong as the jumpers are set accordingly and the drives are detected properly and works, theres no need to change anything. Its only if they dont get recognised properly that it might be a good idea to switch em around.

Just ignore the Nero warning and keep going, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to do on the fly copies with both drives on one channel.

But I have also been getting bad burns now when doing on the fly on both of my PC’s. I have since went back to reading to HD and then burning with no issues.