Help with ICOPYDVD2



:confused: I use the program ICOPYDVD2 for my burning. I also have a program that came with my computer that I do not use (it is the Sonic program). Whenever I try to burn a CD using lightscribe or just copying it will not work. I have to uninstall my ICOPYDVD2 program to burn cd’s. Does anybody here know why this is happening? Or can you recommend a program I can use that will do both?


Isn’t this commercial?

Then contact the authors.


Sorry to be a bother, I won’t post again.


I think chef is suggesting the company who supply the program ICOPYDVD2 may be of help to start with.

However, if you could let us know what is the make and model number your burner, that would be useful to us here. Also, what do you use to burn with when ICOPYDVD2 is uninstalled…?


If you really don’t use sonic then uninstall that, as it might be causing a conflict. If you have to uninstall Icopy to burn your stuff, what exactly are you using to burn btw?

Icopy is a ripping program right, and I take it it has a burn feature? Are you ripping dvd’s or just cd’s as you mention above?

For ripping dvd’s I’d recommend dvddecrypter with anydvd running in the background, or dvdshrink. For burning I use Nero myself, but I believe too many burning programs installed can screw things up, as you have apparently learned.

More information would be good. I’m sorry, but your post is a little confusing to me in relation to distinguishing between dvd and cd’s and ripping and burning. If you describe what exactly you are trying to achieve it would be easier to suggest a solution.


Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. I just would suggest to contact the manufacturer or visit their website. Usually they have a FQ which reflects the main known problems. :wink: