Help with Ice Age

I need help with backing up my copy of Ice Age so my kids won’t destroy it.
I’m using Any DVD and Clone DVD2 version, both of which I have purchased.
I keep getting the same error message at the same place on the movie. Data error (cyclic redundancy check). And its at File/D:Video_TS/VTS_07_3.VOBTC Sector Reader.
Any hints to whats going on would be great.

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Try to clean the disc. And be sure to have latest version of anydvd installed :slight_smile:

I have the latest Any dvd. Its and Ive cleandt tht dvd with a memorex cloth.

I have the latest Any dvd. Its and Ive cleaned the dvd with a memorex cloth.

No problem with this disc. Sounds like a bad/dirty disc. Look very closely under a light for a bad spot. Clean/buff it and try again. Copy it to the HD first until you get all the files and then process and burn it.

it sounds like a bad pressed dvd. take the dvd back to where you bought it and either get another one there or go buy it somewhere else.

thanks for the info.