Help with hooking a amp to a PC

didn’t really know where to post this sorry if wrong forum
but ive got some pretty nice speakers just sitting and was wanting to use them with my PC being the Logitech 5.1 speakers are alright but don’t
compare to the home speakers. Ive got a Audigy 2 platium and it doesn’t
have enough power to push the speakers, whats the best way to go about
using home speakers with your PC…

Depends on if you want stereo or surround. With stereo, you take the analog out from the sound card (should be either a pair of RCAs or a 1/8" stereo jack) to your amplifier or a spare input on your audio receiver/amp. With surround, if your sound card is capable, you take the digital out (either coaxial cable with RCA jacks or optical cable) from the sound card to the a digital input on your surround receiver.