Help with hardware

HI! I have toshiba sd-r2312 cd driver and I want to know if it is compatible for making non-emulated copies of cd’s (with safedisc 3.2). Where can I find out? Or do you know of it is compatible?

Run the “Sheep” test, it will tell you how good your writer is for Safedisc.
A guide is Here

I wouldnt trust it entirely however; it proves to be unrealiable with the results sometimes.

It does?

Yes, you read correctly.

Based on what references do you draw this conclusion?

well with the sheep test it has been able to correctly detect corerct efm encoding with all of by burners, the ones that failed the tests couldnt make non-emulated bacups of securom protectd games, but then with the new clonecd virtualy all burners can make working emulaed copies of safedisc.

ben :slight_smile:

Maybe he mains that the results are nothing to go by much with the newer SafeDisc versions.

Yes, that is what i ‘mains’.

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