Help with gta 3 copying


I have made a copy of gta 3 that works only if i play it in my combo drive ?. I use a teac w54e to read the disc and a samsung sn 308 combo drive to write the image using copy on the fly setting. The default game copying setting were used. The install disc 1 seems to be fine but i do have problems with the audio disc 2.

my question is this. why does the game backup only work in the combo drive. The combo drive will install and read both backup disc fine with no problems, but not if i put it in any other drives? I.e my teac or my friends normal 40x cdrom drive it wont read.


That’s because of the used protection, SafeDisc 2.51.021. Some writers are known to make SafeDisc 2 back-ups that work in the recorder only. This topic has been answered before so I suggest you read the threads mentioned in my signature and using our search function. If you still need help please don’t hesitate to ask!

Many thks for your feedback. I find it strange that even if I reverse the rolls and use the teac as the writer and the samsung combo for the reader the copy still wont work in the teac. But put it in the combo and hey presto I am in business. Very strange.

Its a strange protection .


Yes this seems so but I have a TEAC CD-W540E and I can confirm, it’s very picky when playing SafeDisc 2 back-ups. Back-ups created with this drive probably won’t even work in this recorder but might work in other, less picky drives. Nothing you can do about this. TEAC is just very picky :wink:

which firmware version is best for my teac w54e drive. I am using 1.1y at present. Is this the best Firmware for this drive when using clone cd? Also does clone cd support my samsung combo drive. I think its a sn 308 from memory. I could not find this drive listed under supported drives.


Usually I would say the latest version is the best version but I cannot be sure since I don’t have your drive here… But like said, latest is probably the greatest. But also keep in mind: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it :wink:

LOL I get the message.:smiley:

I got a new liteon writer today at a very reasonable price too.

Just tried to make a backup copy of gta3 using copy on the fly and the game now works fine in any reader that i care to try it in.

Problem solved until the next protection comes

DYNO:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: